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Guam At a Glance

Guam is a small island, however, plan on it taking at least 30 to 45 minutes between Andersen Air Force base and the main tourist village of Tumon or the International Airport. For riders from Big Navy, plan on it taking 45 minutes to 1 hour from inside the Naval base to Tumon or the International Air port. These are merely estimations, during the peak traffic hours (early morning, late afternoon) the time frame is extended. We do not have 4-lane highways and many roads are under construction or need repair.

While the island has businesses located throughout Guam, the majority of hotels are located in the Tumon Bay area. The majority of restaurants and entertainment establishments are located in Tumon. Another village with many activities (restaurants, the Chamorro Village) is Agana.

Agana is closer to Big Navy; Tumon is closer to Andersen Air Force Base.


Guam is considered an international destination for all flights; airlines request you check-in 2 hours prior to your flight.

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